Easy Process Improvement with BrainCONNECT

Key success factor: Keep it simple  • 

Wherever people are working together in a team, the need to share information increases as business grows. Reaching a certain size and complexity of business, the ad-hoc communication with never ending phone calls, messages and tons of mails is somewhat inefficient. In this phase, even motivated employees tend to get frustrated, as they spend more time hunting for infos than working on customer requests.

Here BrainCONNECT for Business Process Improvement (BPI) comes into place. This article gives a quick overview of the main tools provided to help you improve processes:

  • A Control Center for all the ongoing tasks and to-dos
  • A Central Storage for documents and mails
  • A Workflow Engine to launch tasks in a standardized form

You can start anytime, for example NOW

Start small and move on step by step  • 

The really nice thing about BrainCONNECT is that you can start without a lot of configuration. You need just to type in the users and teams, and you are ready to create and monitor the first to-dos. From there you might want to focus on one simple process and a small team first. Okay - lets take the 'potential customer asks for product description' as a sample, for which we have created a 5 Minute screencam presentation (cf. movie of the month: Dec 10). Besides the user and team creation, we configured: